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Web Research Online (WRO) is a shared website used for the hosting of online survey research. The site is used by several Market Research companies not requiring a full-time site of their own.

Most surveys are either launched transparently from another website or by invitational email to this site.
WRO hosts surveys on a full T1 connection and uses DASH software to power its surveys. For more detailed information about DASH and it's capabilities, please visit the DASH website.

Interim frequencies for most studies are automatically updated hourly 24x7. Those sharing the site, and their clients, can access these frequencies at all times via a secure https login during the course of the online survey.

To use the services of this site, please contact Rick Frank at

Tel: +1 613-730-4664
Fax: +1 613-730-2332
Cell: +1 613-204-1070

Email for more information about services provided via Web Research Online